Grade 5


The Meaning of a Home

To have a home is to feel safe; when you are home, your family is there. When you are home you make wonderful memories with the ones you love. To have a home is to not think about any of your problems and to feel comfortable around others. When you are home you feel the total opposite of scared, unloved and free to be who you are. your home is the absolute best place anyone should spend their time with family. It is a wonderful place because you can be happy. Your home does not have to be a house it can be a tree house or a store that you really like. Your home is the place where you can celebrate occasions like Christmas, your birthday, Halloween, etc. Your home is the best place in the world. It is the place where you love to go and never say no if you have the opportunity to go to. You can do some things at home but you can not do them elsewhere otherwise you would embarrass yourself. What I am trying to say is a home is a special place and it is a wonderful place to spend your time.