Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning Home

The Meaning Of Home
I am 10 years and have lived in the same complex for six years. When I grow up my home will hopefully be very different from what it is now. The complex where I live now with my sister and my father, does not allow all fun things in life. It does not let kids bike, scooter, skateboard, run through sprinklers, splash in pools, own a pet, make a gun shape with your fingers, pretend your holding a gun, nerf guns, water guns or just really realistic guns that make bang noises. If I had my choice, I would live very differently. All fun things in life is everything I just explained. The home of dreams would be huge. We would have space! And a pet! I would love to have Samui which is a big fluffy wolf type dog and it would a huge yard to play in. We only have a front porch and a tiny yard which we can’t even call our own. If we had a bigger yard to play in I would make a Kitten castle made of cardboard with a roof made of logs. This castle would hold 2 little kittens and a cat toy. My house would have a games room where only I could play. I would maybe still sleep on my old couch. I love my old couch, I love sleeping in the living room like a guest! In my new home I would do the same.