Grade 5


The Meaning Home

Home is where you’re cozy and safe
Home is where your thoughts are made
Home is where your love is made
Home is where warm muffins are made
Home is not a house!
Home is a place where people can stay
If you had seen it; yes, it is true! That there are people not as lucky as you
So just think that you have a lot that people out there just have none
It’s like I would say, we have a school to learn, a house and toys what else do you need?
So just try to…
To give to the people who do need
To give to those who don’t have sight
Let them have a time to shine really bright
Give to them because they don’t have a clue
Give a dream to the people who need
If we can be a good team we will accomplish this, you’ll see
This is the reason I’m writing today
Because I’ve seen it
A man almost dead to his last gasp of breath
He had no home and like I said almost dead
It made me cry
That not a person tried to help
So please try to be a better person and let the world have peace!