Grade 4


The Man

I was walking with my mom and brother. We saw a man washing cars. I wanted to go talk to him, but was scared. Suddenly, police came towards the man. A thought flashed through my head “I could distract the police and help the man get away!” Right away I knew I couldn’t do that, my mom would stop me. I walked over to the police and asked “Why are you taking this man away? He did nothing wrong!” They just ignored me.
A few weeks later, I was on the same street, and saw the same man. I wondered why he wasn’t in jail, so I went over to talk to him. “Do you need help?” I asked. Turning, he responded “Please, I haven’t had food in days.” I smiled and said “Come with me to my house, I’ll get you something.”
As we walked, he told me how he lost his job. His company ran out of money, and couldn’t pay him. Finally, we stood in front of my house. He gasped “This is really your house?” Smiling, I let him in. We walked through the kitchen and into the pantry. I started packing canned food for him. “There is flour and sugar in the corner if you’d like.” He grabbed the flour. “But, where am I going to keep this all?” I smiled mysteriously “Oooh just you wait and see!” I led him back outside, and pointed to the house besides mine. “This is your house now.” His mouth gaped even wider “How can you give me a whole house?” Grinning, I said “My dad is a millionaire, so I have lots of money.” I grabbed his hand, and pulled him through the door, excited to show him his new house.