Grade 6


The man across the street

The man across the street
By: Hailey
One fine day a girl named Rylee was at home with her dog and some of her friends Maddie and Charlotte then were watching the best movie (once upon a time) and then someone knocked on the door and Rylee went to go get it. And it was Brooklyn so Rylee invited Brooklyn in but as that was happening Maddie was eating the cookies so Rylee ran over and took them. After the movie Rylee asked if they wanted to go outside so they did and across the street there was a homeless man and Charlotte looked over and said “i feel bad for that man” so Rylee ran inside and grabbed her allowance and the rest of her cookies and Charlotte gave rylee a dollar so she can give it to the man and so they all walked over and gave the stuff to the man. And they said “maybe tomorrow we can get u more cookies” the man said “no no no you don’t have to” but rylee said “it’s ok we really want to help you we don’t like that u dont have a home and it’s really sad and were wondering how you survive out here” and they went on and on and talked and all of Rylee’s friends went home. Every day after that day rylee would always give the man cookies and at night she would check on him she felt really bad about him and she wanted to help him and she would be scared if that was her. After awhile the man found a home and rylee was happy forever.