Grade 5


The Love Of Home

Just four walls connecting, just a roof over your head, just a building on the street. Could this be home? No. Home is not just any old place. Home is a place to de-stress, relax and be yourself. Home is warm and cozy. At home you are believed in no matter what happens. You are always loved and you will love others. Home is loyal and familiar. For most people this is what home is or at least should be.
We sometimes take our home for granted or compare our house to one another’s, complaining that someone’s house has the newest TV or most modern kitchen. Maybe someone tells you that your house is too small or overcrowded. Big, small, rustic, or modern that doesn’t make a house. What make a home are love, laughter, family, happiness, memories, humbleness and peace. It doesn’t matter what someone thinks about your home because every home is different. Every home is special. You can’t judge someone by the way their home is because you wouldn’t like it either.
Maybe you went away on a trip or are going to go away and you come back to you hotel room after a long day, very tired. You try to sleep but you can’t. You are trying to sleep on a bed. Not your warm cozy lavender smelling bed, this is any bed that is lumpy, cold and smells of chemicals. That is an example of being homesick. When you think of being homesick you think fever, cough but really homesick is missing that security, warmth and comfort. Missing the smell of smoky firewood. In your fireplace. Home has those familiar characteristics. Home is a place that you will always remember.
“There’s No place like Home”
– Dorothy The Wizard Of Oz