Grade 6


The Lovable Home

Do you think that a house is the same as a home? Well if you do then you are wrong. A house is the building, but a home is where you can gather with friends and family to talk to. Isn’t it sad that thousands of people don’t have a home where they can get together with family to talk to? We all have to hope that there is a place out there that they can call home, like a homeless shelter.
Welcome to my home. As soon as you ring the soothing doorbell, be prepare to join our crazy adventure. The helpful living room is where the most spectacular memories are held, and laughing so hard from watching humorous movies.
We love our wonderful kitchen, which is the place where I baked my first loaf of French bread, and where my family puts delicious meals together for supper.
Don’t let my pets scare you when you go to the bathroom. Our magnificent bathroom is the place where my goofy chocolate labradoodle that leaps into the bathtub, and where my unpredictable tuxedo cat sleeps peacefully in the sink.
My dusty basement is a place where I’ve bonded with my dad and where we get work done, like doing the challenging flooring.
Last but not least is our grassy yard, where me and my epic, hysterical, hilarious dad play blitz ball and spend lots of time together. I hope you enjoyed visiting my home.
Even though it is not my house I always feel at home at their house. Anyone can be their selves there. Their house is my second home. It doesn’t matter if the house is a microscopic shack or if it is an enormous mansion, it’s about the powerful memories in the home.