Grade 4


The Hope in Home

Home is a noun that means much more than it sounds.
Home is a shelter that blocks out the weather, rain or shine. You’re cool in summer and kept warm in the cold season of winter.
Home is a place where secrets are shared, people even complain
“My house is so small,” think again, some people don’t have a place
to call home. But there’s a difference between a house and a home.
A house is built with nails and wood and a home is built with
a family’s love and memorable moments to share.
I love my home and you should to!
The next time you’re thinking of redecorating you’re room,
Think of all that money that could be helping hundreds of Canadians right here in Canada!
Think of all those 30000 homeless Canadians that don’t have ANYTHING!!!!!!!!
We can do something about that today not tomorrow, TODAY!
Having a home is a privilege, not an excuse.