Grade 6

Sault Ste. Marie

The Home Poem

I wrote this poem for the meaning of home,
Home is where you’re happy and free,
That’s one thing home should be,
Home is where memories are made,
And you will never be afraid,
Home is cozy and nice,
It’s as cool as ice,
Oh how lucky you are to have a home,
Some don’t they’re all alone,
When memories are made people glaze,
A nice comfy bed to lay,
And lots of room to play,
All the space to roam,
In a home,
The people who don’t have a home can’t roam and don’t have a place to go home,
How we have parties and fun,
The parties and fun don’t have to be done,
At home I can believe,
Why would I ever want to leave,
Home is where we are free,
Home is where I want to be,
This is what home means to me,
We are lucky we are free.