Grade 6

St. Albert

The Home

The Oxford Dictionary states that a home means “A place where one lives permanently”.
But it’s really more than that.
Your home is a place where you live through hard times, and celebrate holidays with family and friends.
It’s a place you can go to sleep, knowing you are safe from all harm.
A place where your closest loved ones are with you.
A place where you know what goes in and what goes out, where your closest possessions are, by your side.
When you get a new home it doesn’t feel the same, like a scar, that takes years to heal.
Your house could be as big as a castle or as a shack but it still means the same.
You can do what you want with your house, you can change it to as much as you desire.
And those are just some of the reasons why your home is the best place to be.