Grade 6

New Brunswick

The heart of home

There is a huge difference between a house and a home. A house is where you go after you are done school, work and other busy hustles of the day. A home is where you can laugh and sing, where no one can judge you and where you can have playdates with your friends. It’s a place that makes you feel safe and sheltered. It is where most days are fun and one gets to spend it with the people they love. I can tell you without any shadow of doubt that my heart always yearns for home.
“Gring gring” the bell rang. People were cornering me left and right and I needed a plan to escape. I backed up against the lockers and slithered through the crowd. I was lucky to be alive. ‘Free at last’, I said to myself. As I walked home, all I could think of is how excited I was to get home. Thoughts of my twin baby sister and brother, Justin and Jenna greeting me at the door warmed my soul. I also wondered what my mother had made for dinner and not to forget my warm my fluffy bed covers that always got into a deep slumber. As I walked home, I hummed one of my favourite Sunday school songs “here I am to worship”, as I looked forward to the warmth of home.
‘Home at last’, I said, as my eight month old siblings gave me hi fives – and yes I mean hi fives at the door. After that, I ran upstairs and landed on my bed with a big thump. After about ten minutes I started doing my homework. *sniff, sniff*, an appetizing aroma was coming from the kitchen. ‘What are we having for supper, I asked my mom. ‘We are having rice and meat soup’, she said. My mouth just could not stop watering, rice and meat soup is my favorite food. The smell is to die for and tastes like heaven. After supper, I wanted to finish reading a book “Thea Sltition” that I had borrowed from the library a few days ago. The story was enchanting and I knew that I had to finish it up.
I was immersed into the story when I heard my mom calling, “Joy, Joy”, she said, “come up here for a second”. I reluctantly went up the stairs to listen to mom “Honey”, she said, could you please the arrange the clothes in the room?” “Sure”, I said excitedly, but in my heart just wanted to read. I sprinted into my bedroom finding a pile of clothes on the floor. I realized I had to make a choice between reading and doing the clothes. I then poured the clothes onto a box that had blankets in it and used the blankets to cover the box hoping no one would find out. Sadly, my mom walked into the room to check on me, I could tell that she was suspicious so, I gave her the best fake smile I could give. Mum started to inspect the room, suddenly, I saw her cross her arms and raise her eyebrows, as she moved close to the pile of clothes I had covered up. I ran over and put my hands against the wall and said “no”, Mum looked furious and grabbed me by the waist, as I struggled to keep hold. Finally, I had to throw in the towel and the cat was out of the bag. She took one of my shirts and said “what is this”? I have never seen my mother so mad and disappointed in me like that before. I tried to mumble the word sorry, but it was too late. The last words that came out of mums mouth were, “you young lady are grounded for a week, no electronics after school, you will be staying in this room until you learn to appreciate how much work I do at home to make it comfortable, you are lucky we are not homeless” That is when I started to realize how really lucky I am to have a comfortable, happy and loving home.
I have learnt from my past, and I am more aware about the difference between a house and a home. This awareness has made me realize that I am lucky to have a home full of love because there are more than ten million homeless people losing their homes every day. This is why we need to help instead of thinking that someone else will come from somewhere else to do it. At the end of the day, we need to give the homeless a place to laugh, have fun, make memories, and most importantly, be happy. We can achieve this goal by sheltering at least one homeless person at a time or even volunteering in homeless shelters where we are able to bring the warmth of home to those who are homeless. Together, we can make a difference.