Grade 5


The Heart of Home

A house is a home without a heart, a place with no memories, no emotions. A home is a place filled with lots of memories, emotions and joy. Home is a house with a heart, it’s a place where you can do anything you ever wanted. You can spend lots of time with your family and watch movies together. Some homes may not have only joy but other emotions, like sadness, madness and sometimes getting annoyed. Home to me is where I’m in the basement playing with my computer, watching funny videos and playing games by myself so I can get some quiet. In my living room is where we watch movies and lay down in our comfy couch with soft blankets that make me warm. In our kitchen is where our delicious food is made, sometimes fried chicken, steak and other kinds of food. In our swimming pool is where I swim in warm water and it feels like you’re floating in space. Our poolside is so steep that it feels like you’re in a roller coaster dropping. All those things make me feel at home, remember a homme and a house are two different things.