Grade 6

Lac du Bonnet

The Guy Who Said, “Hi.”

When my brother and I went biking down the cold, wet street we stopped and there was a guy on the street. He had rags for clothes and he was crying in the cold. When we were biking up to him he said, “hi.” Then my mom came to get us and we left.
When we sat down for supper, my mom asked, “How was your day?”
I said, “It was great! I saw a guy on the street and he said hi.”
“Oh – so you made a friend?” asked my mom.
“No. He just said hi.”
The next morning I went biking down the street and there was the guy. I put my bike down and the guy waved. Then he said, “Come sit down.”
So I did. He said, “Can I ask you a question?”
“Yes,” I whispered to him.
He asked me, “Do you have a home?”
Right then it started to rain. So I hopped on my bike and went back home. I went downstairs. I sat on the edge of my bed and thought to myself, what if I did not have a home? I would not have my pet or have a roof over my head and would not have a lot of food.
The next day I walked with my mom to the street and I saw the man with a picture of his family. I asked him, “Where is your family?” He whispered, “my family died in a fire”. “I was the only sruviver”. “Oh I said my mom made a basket of food for you”. “He said yippee I was eating garbage thank you”.
“Then I told my teacher you were on the street and the kid found this program call the meaning of home”.
“Then after school I went back to my home and said to my mom what if we did not have a home”?