Grade 4

Nova Scotia

The Greatest World Ever


Home isn’t always a house it can be a feeling , I figured out what home is to me when I was invited to play Minecraft and when I was allowed to build a house on the world.

Done ,finally! I announced to my sister ,
my house was white and was made out of snow.
Good job sis!My sister,Chloe, said.
Chloe had already made a house, to me it looked like a giant barn.

I was so glad to be apart of this giant community and to help it grow!After I finished my house we helped build other people’s houses. It was so much fun.Next we built a mall and as currency we used gold,iron,coal and golden ingots, it was much more fun than helping build other people’s houses.
After that we made a bank out of quartz but we couldn’t make it function because all eleven of us already had jobs at the mall so nobody wanted to work there.But we also had a mine it was ginormous there was a farm that Chloe took care of right outside the entrance of the mine.
I felt sad and happy at the same time when I was on this

Let me tell you a story about when I was really mad at my older sister Miranda ,she was always annoying,but this time… I was either sad or mad at her.
So, Chloe had just given me a diamond axe and I was so happy even though I knew that she had used a glitch to make it. But my other sister Miranda had gotten upset because she had no diamond tools , at least I think that why she got upset at me. I went back home but I was still a bit angry at Miranda because… um hem ah actually why was I upset at Miranda oh well I guess we’ll never know why but what I do know is that I wanted to use my axe and the perfect thing to was cut down a giant forest, it’s like i’m cutting away all my anger. That world was fun but it didn’t feel like I was playing Minecraft it felt like I was helping to build up a town! And that was when I realized that to me home was family and as long as they were happy I could probably be happy too. But just imagine the people that don’t have a house and that have never felt the feeling of home!