Grade 5


The Gift

I was surrounded by a group of strangers and yet, we were all connected. Carpenters, painters, plumbers and more stood beside me, opening their hearts to us. One of them handed me the key, giving me the honour of unlocking my families future.

I stepped through the door and wandered into the living room. It was the size of my old home, if you could even call it a home. The room wasn’t dingy, as I had expected. The sunlight shone through the crystal clear windows dispelling darkness. This house had a welcoming feeling, as if it knew where we had come from. The green walls radiated a sense of a fresh start and room to grow. I sunk into the cushy couch in shock. It was so much to take in at once, the fact I actually had a place to call home.

I walked outside and looked at our glorious yard. The yard was immense, with springy, green grass. I heard a bird chirping, such a joyful sound. The laughter of children rang down the street. That never happened in my old neighbourhood. Everyone was too scared to go outside. Then, silence. Nothing, not even the sound of cars. No neighbours banging on the walls or yelling. It was so peaceful. The swooshing of the faint breeze calmed me.

Tears rolled down my face. I could’ve sworn I was dreaming. The kind hearts of many people have given me this precious gift. This home has given me a chance to live and learn. It has deepened my sense of humanity. “Things you take for granted, someone else is praying for” – Marlan Rico Lee. This home has given me hope.