Grade 6


The Friendly Home

A home is warm just like a heart. The living room is where your stuff is even your grandma’s ashes. Living rooms are for spending time with your family and where you play with your friends on the Xbox. Home is more than a building it’s a place where you sleep, play, watch movies, eating yummy food and talking to your family or anyone. Houses aren’t as good as a home.
Basements are for having fun and storing all your old stuff. In basements you can record yourself zooming on an awesome scooter. My basement is for having fun without my parents knowing. Lots of basements like mine have an amazingly comfy couch to sit on or you can hide from your parents and go hide in the basement and sit on a comfy couch. It’s a fairly amazing helpful basement. Houses aren’t as good as a home.
The bedroom is the best part of the house/home because it is all yours. Your room is your room so you have all your stuff like mine is full of minecraft stuff. Bedrooms are for sleeping and keeping all your stuff. Sleeping is the best in your bedroom because a comfy bed is all that there is ignoring the other stuff that you might have. Nobody knows what might be in there in the future. Homes are fantastic everywhere you are in it.