Grade 6


The Feeling Of Home

Home never has one specific meaning, home can mean anything. To some it can be a place, a building or a structure, but to me, home is a feeling. The feeling of home is a wonderful feeling, you feel safe, happy and free.
Many people take their homes for granted and they’ll never know what they have until it’s gone. Think about living with no home, no safety, no happiness, no freedom. Many people go through that on a daily basis. So just think what if that was you? What if that was you sleeping on the cold hard ground 24/7? What if that was you eating food off the ground and from the garbage?
Somewhere in the world there will always be someone in need of a home, in need of the feeling of home. The feeling of home isn’t only meant for certain people, everyone deserves it no matter their race, beliefs or colour. No one person is the same but what we all have in common is that we all deserve the feeling of home.