Grade 6

Wasaga Beach

The Feeling of Home

A house is a house; it’s always the same.
It’s what you put inside that makes it a home.
Your hope, your dreams are what make you feel safe.
The feeling home brings is more than the word, the ceiling, the dishes, the smell of fresh flowers.
It might not always stay the same, but no matter where you live the feeling home brings is always the same.
You live and you play; it’s the backdrop for your day.
It watches you grow, sees your first little steps.
It has made me feel comfort, sorrow and love.

Sadly, some people don’t have a home,
A place to have memories,
A place to laugh and call their own.

We work,
We play,
now we need to give back to the people that don’t have
The feeling of home.

A house is made up of some bricks and a roof, but the people it holds and the memories it shares is something that can’t compare.
The feeling of home brings I want to share
A house is more than a house,
It’s the love and the warmth that hold us in tight,
The feeling of home no matter what is called is something great to be said.