Grade 5

Nova Scotia

The Feeling Of Home

The feeling of home

Home is a secret, safe, place where you’re loved and cared for when you get home from school. You also get filled with questions and compliments such as “how was your day” or “hope you had a great day”.

One day after school…
My mind had blacked out. Suddenly, some words came flying out of my mouth “i’ll go!”

A few days later…

I could not stop thinking about it , my mind had gone crazy!!
The night before I left, my mind had blacked out. It was not fun.

As we stayed in the hotel, I felt really tired and sleepy so I sunk into my super comfortable mattress that had really warm sheets laid on top, Suddenly, my eyes closed shut. “ Good night.” my father told me in a low voice. The next morning my heart was racing will I get there? I asked in my head. As I waited in the car for two hours , at last we boarded. As I was waiting in the boat for six hours we finally got to Newfoundland.

Then that night at nanny’s at 9:30 I laid straight on my really squeaky uncomfortable air mattress. Suddenly I felt a feeling that I missed my bed., then I wondered is that really what i’m missing? wait I wasn’t missing my bed I was missing my home.

that day I learned that you don’t always know what you’re missing but you know that you’re missing it.