Grade 4


The Dog and the Car

Danial rolled out of bed. He grabbed a bag of chips from the kitchen, but was still hungry. He went to the store, on his way, Danial bought a car he saw. He drove home, and ran in the door shouting, “I bought a car”. A wolf jumped on him, and tried to bite his face! Suddenly Danial realized the ‘wolf’ was licking his face, not biting it. It was a dog! A friendly dog, with soft hair that flew in the air.
Danial pushed the dog off, and stood up. His mom leashed the dog, saying “He’s your dog Danial!”
“Cool! Hey, I got something else new today too, a car!” Danial pulled his brother outside, but as he stepped through the door, his face crumpled.
“Where is my car? Someone must have stolen it! We have to call the police!” As he spoke, a police car drove up. The policeman said to Danial’s father “I have a warrant for Danial’s arrest, he has stolen a car.” Danial turned and ran to the backyard, he jumped onto the family horse, and rode away.
Two hundred and fifty seven police chased him. He galloped all the way to his school, and hid under a desk in his classroom. Two security officers found him, and brought him to the police. Just as they were about to take him away, Danial heard a distant bark! It was his brand new dog, and in his mouth were papers that proved Danial had bought the car. The police were so sorry about making a mistake they drove Danial home, and bought his whole family supper at Danial’s favourite restaurant.