Grade 4


The Difference Between ‘Live’ and ‘Life’

Words Can Make a Difference
I participated in this contest because i wanted to help deserving and hard working people to get a place they can call home.Every student can make a difference by sharing their ideas and giving homeless people self confidence and safe stable environment.I hope my words can break someone’s cycle of homelessness.

The Meaning of Home
Home is where your family is.
Home can be where you grow up. For example, my parents think of Pakistan as their home country.
Home is where I can be safe,loved and happy.
At home I always feel included and joyful.
A home is a special thing that everyone deserves and it is a basic unit in our life.

Home and Memories
A home is where you make and share memories with your family.
It’s where we celebrate birthdays, family holidays
like Eid or Christmas with family.
Home is where we achieve milestones like your first steps, first words, first tooth and your first day of school.

Houses come in different shapes and sizes. people all around the world may live in a apartment, a farmhouse, a cabin or even a RV.
Many people around the world don’t have house or a home so they live on streets we should find a way to give everyone that feeling of love and joy they call home.
A house is just walls made by bricks and cement but if a caring family live in it then it becomes a home.
My house has 5 bedrooms and huge backyard. I play basketball and volleyball on our driveway.

East or West My Home is Best
My home has loving family of 6.
We have a lot of care in our home, and we all help each other.
I love my home because my dad and I play Nerf and my mom makes delicious food like Shawarma.
My older sisters take care of me, since I’m the youngest.
They call me the prince of the house since I’m the only boy.

House vs Home
walls ,roof and doors make a house
Mama baba and kids make a home
Bedrooms ,washroom and kitchen are some rooms in house.
Husband wife and siblings love and understanding for each other make home
Tv, games,toys, xbox one,cars are found in house.
Surprise birthdays, family celebrations and traditions are found in home.
House can be big or small some have less things and some have more.
Even though your home is small or big it does not matter if you have a supporting loving and caring family to live with.
You can forget a house if it’s gone.
Memories made in a home stays with you for lifetime

Final Thoughts
Happiness, family and memories make a house turn into a home.
I’m glad I have a house but not everyone is as lucky as I am.
I feel that everyone deserves a house and a loving family to make it a home for them to feel safe and happy.
I hope people like my ideas and my words can make a change in homeless people life as Genworth will donate ten dollars per student even its little but every penny counts.
When I grow up I will love to work for habitat for humanity and help build home for deserving poor families.