Grade 6

British Columbia

The Difference Between House and Home

The distinction between a house and a home is very intriguing.

A house is an object that is frequently visible down every street. A house typically contains a bathroom area, a kitchen area, and a bed or couch to doze on. When you spot a person strolling down the road, you always presume they have a house. Whether large or miniature, it’s still a house. But this assumption could be wrong. That person could very well be dining and sleeping at their acquaintance’s or relative’s house.

Some mini villages in Africa contain houses that have only one area for everything. You never know what circumstances a person could be in. They could have lost someone of importance along with their money. Many people can’t afford housing for many reasons. A great deal of the world has no concept that this is occurring. When you’re unconscious of what’s surrounding you, you couldn’t worry less about it. This is truly unfortunate because two of the world’s most tremendous challenges are housing issues and poverty.

Not everyone has a house, but everybody has a home. A home is a feeling. It’s something that makes you feel pleasant and a sense of well-being. In your home, you design it for how you need to approach life. Some people design their home bitterly and bleakly. These people often have the most sorrowful life.

Most people think all things have an end. One thing that never ends is your feeling of home. When you die, your home can stay intact. It can ensure people never forget who you are. Time can’t be rewritten, so you can never be erased, thanks to your shared feeling of home. Your home can stay firm, no matter what.

Whatever arises, your feeling of home will constantly be with you, forever.