Grade 4

Nova Scotia

The day I met my dog


Silence my mind was dead. My mom was videoing me. I had no Idea what to say! My sister was with my dog. My sister,brother and me had wanted a dog for so long. But, my dad was allergic and still is, to a type of fur so we got a hypoallergenic dog. You may not know what that means so I will tell you. A hypoallergenic dog means a dog you can’t be allergic to.

All my friends have a dog. My sister even did a slideshow of why we need a dog. I kept feeling so happy. I couldn’t believe that I really had a dog! My dog is black brown and a tiny bit of white.His name is Baxter.

Now he is a big part of my family. It was the BEST day ever.Now when I think of home I think of my dog.