Grade 4

Nova Scotia

The day I got McQueen

the meaning of home
The Day I Got McQueen.

First, I was in my room when my mom came in and said I could get a cat.
Because I been doing my responsibilities and I was so happy I cnt in the store.It was so hard to chose a kitten because they were all so cute!!!!!!!!!
Next ,we went to the store to adopt a kitty.
But when I saw a kitten that was playing with a other kitten’s tail and he was adorable!!!!!!!!
so I decided he was the kitten I liked.
Finally we took the kitten home and he was thrilled!

And on the way home we bought him some food, toys and some other stuff for McQueen.

I can’t believe I have a kitten of my own! I have had McQueen for 4 months and he is the best kitten ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!