Grade 6

New Maryland
New Brunswick

The Best Thing in Life

My room was pitch black and faded. I get straight out of bed not ready for school. I ran to my dresser to get out all of my fresh new clothes. I race down the stairs with my heart beating out of my chest, wanting to get to the bus on time. “Breakfast is ready”! Called my mother. ”Ok” I said. On the table is a nice round pancake cooked to perfection. I finish eating my delicious breakfast and race to the bus. I get onto the loud shaky bus with my head throbbing. All I can think about is coming home after school. Home is like heaven to me.
My home is my getaway. I make a beeline to the front door after a hard, stressful day at school. I yell hello to mom and crawl up the stairs to my man cave. As I lay in my comfy bed, I am thinking how fortunate we are to have a home. Many people don’t have homes. Even with the disagreements, the arguments with my sister, home is my happy place.
It’s nice to be home with the fire crackling as the wood burns. It’s comforting when I have a terrible cold and jump straight into a steaming tub full of nice warm water. When I am soaking wet out in the rain and sprint my way inside to put on nice, comfy and dry clothes. I am blessed to have all of these things.

As a matter of fact, did you know that more than 800 refugees coming from a war-torn country where you fear for your life and be afraid every day then coming to Canada and not have home to take your shoes off in? It’s a very terrible thing.
Did you know, there can be a very valuable lesson from this? The lesson is to always be thankful for what you have. If you’re complaining about something you want, think to yourself. Think about the things you have, not the thing you don’t have. Some people aren’t as fortunate as you. That is the lesson that can be learned. Home is about thinking how fortunate you are. Warm food on the table every day. I am truly blessed to have a home. I think us kids can fix poverty. Kids can change the world.