Grade 5


The Best Day in my Home

I woke up to the smell of freshly baked waffles. I went to my dresser and my mom folded all my comfortable clothes perfectly. I took out my favourite jogging pants and my Pittsburgh Penguins t-shirt and got ready for the day. I walked down the stairs, looked out the front window to sunny skies and birds chirping. The smell of my mom’s waffles as I came into the kitchen was like entering a bakery. My mom looked at me with a big smile and gave me a plate full of them. I added some syrup and ate all that deliciousness. They were tasty and filled my belly.

After breakfast, I ran upstairs grabbed my swim towel and swim trunks and headed to the backyard pool. My sisters and brother joined me,
“POLO!” ….
…20 minutes later, I finally got someone! My mom even gave us, our lunch outside. We had peanut butter and jam sandwiches. Then cooked dinner on the outside barbeque. We had hotdogs and hamburgers my favourite!

After dinner I stayed outside with my family and played catch with my dad. Just before bed my family and I went for a night swim in the pool. While we were swimming I saw a shooting star out in the distant night sky. WHAT A WAY TO END AN INCREDIBLE DAY IN MY HOME !