Grade 5


That’s what home means too me

There’s no place like home

Home, home should bring a worm felling to your heart and bring a smile to your face. It is where you make memories and laugh with family and friends. Unfortunately some people can’t afford a home like you and I. So where do they go? They don’t have any where to go, so they sit on the streets and pray that someone will give them a little bit of money in order to live there daily lives. They can sit on the streets but where are they going to get there food, there human you know. They need food just like you and I. Home is where we make memories and laugh a lot. We feel safe at home and always have a warm felling in are heart when we think of the magical place called home. A home isn’t the same as a house. When I think of home, I think of a magical loving place where everyone is welcome no mater what they look like or if they have a disability or not because we all love each other for who we are.
❤️There’s no place like home❤️