Grade 6


That Man

That Man

I am going to the Taylor Swift 1989 tour with my two cousins,aunt,mom,and nana I was VERY excited obviously! I went into the Rogers Centre and saw the concert and it was AMAZING it was so inspirational and it put me in the best mood I have ever been in and then that happiness suddenly stopped as I saw a old poor blue eyed white bearded man asking for money it made me cry.

My nana said “Honey, let’s go he’s homeless just leave him” I was so disgusted at her she pulled me away I saw his sad face I pulled back and grabbed the 20$ my mom gave me for food at the concert and ran as fast as I could and gave it to him and said “ go buy a nice meal or jacket” that face on him he was so happy he actually started dancing to music in his earbuds if I had enough money I would give him a brand new home he’s still out there likely with his 20$ worth of something and a heart filled with joy and happiness now that i helped him my nana still does’nt like the decision I made to this day but she forgets about it unless I bring it up again but she still loves me but no matter what i know i helped him so much and i would have went back to give him that money even if my nana brought me to China!

He likely has a better life now and it is going ten times better he might even have somewhere to stay now that it has been 2 years! He likely has enough money now to survive and at least maybe get a rental appartment maybe he has a job now that actually pays him enough to own a house and start a family so next time you see someone that is struggling in their life living on the streets with absolutely nothing give them whatever you have not your phone obviously even if you don’t have money give them a smile or a card or something to spread peace to homeless people!