Grade 6


That house on Rossmore Avenue

That house on Rossmore Ave
By Gabrion

On that hot summer day in Beverly hills, there was a house that had criminals in it and went to jail back in 1995 the house had been bought and been rented and only one family rented it but left because it never felt safe. And never been rented again. So the owner sold the house and there was a fairly rich people that bought it and renovate it and looks safer and more of a home. While renovating it the workers they found out there was a dead body so they called the police and investigated. They had to stay out so the decided to stay at my our house because my mom are coworkers with the other mom so they stayed at our house while their house it getting worked on. The next day the family that rented the house came to my house and said that they never felt safe and it was owned by a and said you will never feel safe there so they renovated it and blessed the house and they never felt nothing happened there and felt safe. So even if the old owner was a bad person your house will never change even tho it was abandon,crime scene or even burned and got fixed it’s still a home that you personalized.