Grade 6


Take Me Home

Do you know what a home is? Home is a place that you miss when you leave it. That is because home is a special place where you make special memories. I know what makes my home special.
Happily snuggling with the cats, high up in the bed. A quiet sound of creaking wood when you climb up the ladder, and the hanging dream catcher that keeps nightmares away.
Getting to the table and helping cook the dinner. Muffins that smell of fresh blueberries that are made with love, and the stories that are shared around the table.
Relaxing on the sofa with a cup of mint tea. Chatting with friends and telling stories, and looking out the window to see the gorgeous garden.
Going outside and into the yard. Sitting in the hot tub, and helping harvest fresh carrots. Who could forget playfully sitting on the fence, pretending it’s a rocket?
Home is a place that not enough people can have, sadly. It’s special to everyone in it. I believe that all the people in the world deserve a home. After all, I know what a home is.