Grade 6


Sweet Home Alabama

A home is when you need comfort.
When you don’t have a home, then you need more comfort.
It means you like to hang out with your friends at the park or far outside.
A home is to spend time with your family inside.

Watching TV in your home and having beautiful smiles.
Better that then to be in your house and eat.
Having the loudest party, and there`s nothing but smiles.
I saw the most beautiful home on the street.

And that`s the beautiful donation we gave!
I`m looking at the homeless Dave.
I`ll give money to Dave so he could buy food.
At least he won’t have a stomach ache because he needs food.

A home is a need.
A house we never need.
A home, you don`t have shame.
But a house isn`t the same.

A home is secure.
A home is pure.
A home is when you enjoy moments.
A home is laugh with people, and rodents.