Grade 6


sweet dreams

Comfortable, safe, memories, love. It’s all in that place that you don’t just live in. It’s where you laugh and smile, where you whine and cry, where you have fun and such. It’s where your heart is. Home is like hot chocolate freshly made by mom on Christmas morning.

It isn’t just a place. It’s not just a roof over your head. All yours! That’s what it is. Some houses may look the same on the outside but most definitely not on the inside. Every single home is different on the inside: smell, color, size, paintings, floors, kitchens washrooms, bed rooms, and living rooms. These are just a few things you could find in a home and each time you see them they will be different because you’ve added your personal touches to your home. I promise they will be different. If you can’t see it then just smell it. A home is unique.

So many memories. So many parties. So many Christmases. So many Halloweens. So much love.
Happy memories can happen and so can bad ones. Parties can go good and go bad. Christmases can be happy or sad. Halloweens can be fun or not.
To make it all awesome and fun you need love and cooperation from family and friends. You couldn’t have family or friends without love. Love is in a home.
My home is different and safe to me. I’ve lived here for 9 years and it’s awesome. My family lives in my home and yours live in your home.
Even when I move out it will still be my home