Grade 5


Simran J meaning of home

What makes your home unique to you? A home is my oasis, where my family and best friends stay by my side through thick and thin.With 7 seven family members with me, I find my house isn’t just a house a house anymore. It is my home where everybody is patient and will support you. My room is special to me because it is my dancing space and other than the kitchen, it is my favourite place in my home. My iPod and television time are super important to me because it is my freedom.Also, a home provides shelter and protection for me and my family. The kitchen is the one place where we all would be together at different times of the day.Doodling is a style of art that can express your feelings.My home is unique because everybody’s bedroom are a different creation that makes me feel safe. The different styles of art are just a way to express my funky designs and share my feelings. That’s why my home is my oasis.