Grade 6

New Brunswick

she who must not be named among other things

Luke Mercer
Homeroom 6G
Mrs. Piron/LA
November 4, 2016
“She Who Must Not Be Named” Among Other Things
Every day when I get home a very odd thing happens when I open the door. Waiting for me behind the door is a dog that acts like a deranged chicken. Her name is Licorice. While leaping around she barks her head off then runs outside to empty her bowels. Then after a while “She Who Must Not Be Named” comes home: my sister Callie. Dunh Dunh Dunh Dunnnnnnnnnnhhhhhh! She also answers to “The Bottomless Pit” and when she enters the building you must look around every corner for that is where she lurks waiting to scare unsuspecting people passing by.

Enough about Callie, back to Licorice, the dog who acts like a deranged chicken. Her fur is black and shiny. She’s not that big and her eyes are all brown. She’s from a shelter and the shelter was going to kill her and her sisters then these people rescued them and what they do is they rescue dogs and find them a home and that’s where we got Licorice.

Now back to “She Who Must Not Be Named”, Callie. Her hair is brown and her eyes are blue and she is pure evil. You must not upset her for reasons stated earlier. She is the opposite of hope and joy and the death of everything good. Also she is nine years old and is obsessed with Stuffies.

Then there’s my parents. Their names are Dana and Craig. Dana is my mom and Craig is my dad. Dana has blonde hair and blue eyes. Craig has brown hair and blue eyes. Also everyone in my family that I know of is around 10 people and two dogs and one cat.

My family is kind of large in total I know of around 10 people. One granddad, two grandmoms, five aunts, and two uncles. We fight a lot but we still like each other and we are thankful to have a home. Lots of people don’t have homes and we should help. A lot of times people just talk about it. I think we should do more. For instance, help them more by helping them get back on their feet. So keep it up people!