Grade 6

New Brunswick

Saint Lucia and the Meaning of Home

Saint Lucia and the Meaning of Home.
Heart beating really fast, I’m sitting in seat 6B looking out at the Atlantic Ocean. Sitting next to
me is my dad. Then, behind me is my mom and my sister. We’re going on a family vacation to Saint
Lucia. I’m so nervous because what you might not know about me is I am a real homebody. I’m
shaking with nervous energy as the wheels touch the ground. I can’t believe I’m going to be away
from home for 9 days!
I’m excited we’re here, the first thing that I noticed is it’s really hot. Luckily, there are many
pools and my first stop was going to be the lazy river. It was awesome for the next few days, I don’t
think I even thought about home one single time. As the days dragged on, I started thinking more and
more about home though.
To distract myself I focused on other things. We went to a volcano. It was really stinky because
there is a lot of sulfur in the volcano. The food and drinks were great too. The resort had the best
caesar salad. Every day, I swam up to the smoothie bar and got a different smoothie. It was so
amazing, they even let you drink the smoothie in the pool!
This is crazy, they have a water slide that goes under ground. The trip was a blast, but by day 7,
I was ready to leave. On our trip to the airport I thought back of all the fun I had. For the next few
hours, all I could think of was Saint Lucia.
When the plane landed in Toronto I felt tired but I was glad to be on my way home. Being there
for 9 days has really made me appreciate my home. To me, the meaning of home is a place where I
feel safe, comfortable, familiar, and free. Even though I enjoyed Saint Lucia, there really is no place
like home.