Grade 6


Reasons To Have A Home


Home is where I eat,
home is where I drink,
My home is where I get ready for school

I never have to worry about shelter,power, or water,
I can walk home to it all

Home is where I keep my clothes,
Home is where I have a bed,
home is where my family is,
home is where I live

Everyone should have a home,
So they can go home to food and water,
They can greet their family,
Stay safe in storms

Be able to have a bath or shower,
Be warm
Home is where everything waits for you

If my home leaks we fix it,
If we run out of food we buy more,
If I need new cloths,we get them,

Home is where we meet,
Have fun,play games,sleep,
Reunions with family,
Also just being you.

You can be happy,
well staying warm,
also have light,
that is better than being on the streets,
because home will never leave,
People will never give up on you.

Home is where everything is,
nothing will leave your home,
it is all yours

Home is where everything will be,for pets to stay,
pets are good company,
why not have one, it is your home,
pets are fun,cute,and playful, and you can get the perfect pet for you,
And also your family,

Home is where you can keep yourself tidy , and always ready for work, or activities,bills will come but that is just part of life

These are some reasons to,love,and everyone should have a home.