Grade 5


Raphael D Meaning Of Home

Home is one of the best things a man can have, but we don’t pay enough attention to it, but first…

My name is raphael, and i’ll be talking about what comfortable home is to me. I live in the gigantic city of calgary, in an enormous, relaxing, comfortable home which is my grand oasis.
The meaning of home to me is that home is a place where you can feel secure and spectacular and hide from tiring work or boring school,or all that paining stress you carry around everywhere you go, as home is a place where you can sit down and relax,and enjoy yourself.

The most IMPORTANT, and the thing i look forward to the most is that home is a place where you can be at peace with the family i love SO much!

I ‘m very lucky i don’t have to experience not having a home which i find so over the top DREADED, so much that i can’t even IMAGINE what it’s like to spend even one hard night in the frosty weather without a roof over my head without warm comfortable clothes or basic recourses like,food for instance, but unfortunately ,there is an immense amount of homeless people who choose to walk on a bad path by doing nasty drugs ,and drugs which creates a dangerous, negative, demonic habit instead of walking on a good path by working and living a happier more responsible life like normal pedestrians and there are many reasons for that , 2 of them are that some homeless people don’t have enough education to have a job ,or they can handle the responsibility and just don`t want do it.

This is what home means to me , and it`s probably what home means to you too, i hope you enjoyed it!