Grade 6

New Brunswick


“It’s time to come in!” Mom yelled with her hand moving in the motion for us to come in.
My brothers and I raced inside to the dining room. The dining room has pictures scattered over the walls, the pictures are family pictures.
There is a big window that has a view of the backyard, the backyard is very empty. (My brothers and i hardly go to the backyard.) The backyard has one single tree in the middle, the other trees are in the corner of the yard, or in the woods. The only thing dividing the woods and my backyard is a tiny stream, that is slowly getting taken over by different variations of plants.
In the dining room there is a light that is supposed to be in the center of the table but it isn’t, it’s on the bottom right hand corner of the table. The table is wooden and to are surprise my brothers and I found, delicious looking pizza and my dad, dressed in his work clothes. “Time to eat!” Dad said with a funny accent. My brothers laughed, I jumped I didn’t know dad was home!
Then we all sat down at the dinner table and began to eat. The pizza was so delicious and so cheesy! After we ate the delicious pizza, we all went to do are chores. I did the dishes, gave my cats food, then did my homework. At last after all the chores were done we all went in to are warm,cozy beds,and went to sleep.
I find it very sad that a lot of people don’t have a home, and or can’t afford food, some people can’t even get a job! Would you like it if you couldn’t get a job, or if you had to live on the streets?
I strongly think everyone should have a home. Your home is your safe place, your home is supposed to keep you warm when it’s raining out, or keep you safe from the bad creature that come out at night!
Finally, i think we should at least try to help people get homes or just help them in general. I think everyone should be kind to one another, and live a happy life!