Grade 4


Pictures of HOME

HOME is Peace. HOME is Future.

All children in the whole wide world should have a place they call HOME. So my picture is for all the kids I know and I don’t know. Together we believe, we play, we live…

I take my brush and I paint a picture
To tell my story of what HOME is for me.

I draw a snail – a snail has a shell.
I draw a bird – a bird has a nest.
They all have HOME. HOME is the best.
I draw a girl, she has a house.
And so does a little mouse.

A shelter is a need.

HOME is a place
Where you eat, sleep and play.
And family gathers
At the end of the day.

The smell of HOME cooking
Fills every room,
While I play my piano
And my brother plays his flute.

My bed is so cozy
And waiting for me
With my big fluffy pillows
And stuffies, all three.

Tonight I will sleep
And have happy dreams
I’ll wake in the morning
To the sun’s yellow beams.

I believe every person in the world should have this –

Warm, cozy, comfortable, safe.
This is HOME. HOME is love. HOME is peace. HOME is future.