Grade 5


Paul W Meaning Of Home

Home is very important to all of us because it gives everything we need. It gives us protection so robbers can’t steal our stuff or even kill us. Home gives us shelter so we don’t have sleep outside when it is at a freezing -37 degrees in the winter. Also, it gives us entertain ment because it stores electronics, board games, and other fun stuff we like to play. Most importantly, it gives us room to store things like food, furniture and much more so we don’t have to walk to the store to buy food everyday.

When I look out of my window I see lots and lots of homes. But there is still some people that are homeless. Most homeless people are adults but there is some children who are homeless too. Homeless people can be annoying because since they don’t have any homes, they have to go to a shelter which will cost the government more money than just building them a house in the long run. They also beg for money and other things which will waste other people’s time and that is terrible for people in a big hurry. All homeless people cause a lot of trouble to others.

A house is just a house, but when families move into the house, it becomes a home