Grade 6

New Brunswick

One of my favorite places to be

Hayden Bishop
Mrs. Piron/LA
November 4, 2016
One of my favorite places to be
I’m deeply asleep in my comfy warm bed and then…thump, thump, thump. “Uh-oh” I say because I hate getting out of bed. My mom stats opening the door slowly and then tells me to come out and eat breakfast. So meanwhile I’m getting ready for school I’m munching my breakfast.
I’m glad I have a home because the homeless have it hard. They must live like under a bridge or in a cardboard box. And it would be so cold at night. You would also be moving place to place consistently because people would kick you out. And if you would want to recover and get a job you would half to work hard.
In the winter it would be so cold especially at night. The clothes they wear would be soaked if the rain got on them. And every day they hear cars and construction so it would never be peaceful. Also you would most likely be lonely all the time.

I don’t think it would be easy to live on social assistance with a family because you get a very small pay check every month from the government. But also it’s easier than being homeless. Living on social assistance because there’s a better chance to get a job. So you can eat real food and live in a house.

For me it’s sad to see homeless people on the streets. And they should be responsible and try their best to get a job. I wonder why people let themselves down and think that getting a job is so hard like I know it is but they could at least be positive about it. You just have to work hard and you will succeed.