Grade 6

Niagara Falls

No place lke home

No Place Like Home
Home, is a place like no other,
You learn everything at home, You first learn how to talk, walk and use chalk.
It’s where you first meet family and friends,
You have sleepovers,
Lots of birthday parties with lots of cake.
Where you watch movies and stay up late, Home is like your area 51 hideout,
You face your fears and test your fate, of going down in the spooky basement to see if the boogeyman is really fake?
Watching the stars and the moon late at night on a Muskoka chair under the porch light,
And you can’t forget about snuggling your cat Simba on the big comfy couch where we both love to lay,
It’s like getting a hole in one on the golf course,
Home is hot chocolate by the fireplace on a cold, windy  day.
By: Brendan Jarrett