Grade 6

Wasaga Beach

No Place Like Home

We are finally leaving to go back home, no more boring hotel room. Home is so exciting and fun and as for this hotel room, it’s boring and nothing to ever do. As we get in the car I am so excited to get back to the colourful dirty bed sheets, no more white white perfect clean hotel ones. I can go back to my own comfy pillow and my own comfy bed. I will go back to seeing the dirty dishes sitting In the kitchen sink waiting to be washed. I will be able to get out of the shower and use our own towels. I am excited to get home because home is the place I belong. It is where your childhood starts, and where your childhood ends. Home is like eating a freshly baked warm chocolate chip cookie with double chocolate. 15 minutes away from the place I call home filled with excitement and joy. I start jumping up and down in my seat counting the houses eager to get home. 15 minutes passed we were back to to our beautiful, comfortable place we call home. I race inside, excited to see all my toys, my stuff and the things that make my home,well, my home. Although one thing is missing, my family members they are all still outside unloading the vehicle full of stuff. Family is what pulls a home together, it is what makes a home fill with laughter. Family is what makes a home a home. I am so excited to be home because home is where you cry and laugh. It is where you grow up. A house is where you sleep. Nothing beats the word home. There is no place like home.