Grade 6

Brigus South
Newfoundland and Labrador

My Wonderful Home

“My Wonderful Home”
I love my home. My home has beautiful trees, fresh air, and my awesome family live there too. My home is also my house. My house makes me feel safe away from criminals. I have a basement that is just like a living room and it’s a great hangout for me and my cousins, friends and the rest of my family.
I love my room. It has in green walls, a matching bedspread, a nightstand, a lamp, a TV, a closet and lots more. I also have a laptop, phone and a tablet. I also have one brother.
I have a boat, a front and backyard. I have a bike and a four wheeler. My house has a basement and all of my walls are well insulated and I love it.
I feel so bad for all the people in the world who don’t even have a change of clothes. I would love for everybody on the globe to have a perfect and safe house. I hope that one day on earth everyone will get what they want.
My house is what my home is to me and no other home will be the same.