Grade 5


My Unique Home

Some people don’t realize how lucky they are to have a home. There are many people out there who don’t. They live of off money on the ground. We are lucky. We need to be thankful. Everyone’s homes are different, this is why mine is different.

My home is the people I share it with. They make me feel loved, no matter what! They trust me, and I trust them. They are there for me whenever I need them. They love me, help me, and care about me!

My home has love, even when everyone is grumpy. Love is something that nobody can get rid of, even if they try. My family will never forget how much we love one another, even if we’re mad at each other! Love is something you can’t eras. It’s forever.

My home is where fun times happen. It’s where memories are made and were you grow up. That’s why my home is unique