Grade 6

New Brunswick

My Sweet Home!

Keira Clark
Mrs. Piron/LA
November 4, 2016
My Sweet Home!
I hear the school bell ring. I think to myself “I finally get to go home”! I go to my locker I put all my binders in. Then I walk to the bright yellow school bus. I sit on the bumpy school bus. I get to daycare and wait for my parents to pick me up. I drive down my street then I see all of the houses. I pull into the driveway get inside. I take off my shoes I struggle up the stairs.
I flop on my bed, I think to myself home, home is where there is love, laughter, memories, pizza, fun, games, happiness and wildness! Home is where I feel safe. I love my home it is one of my favorite places to be! Besides I feel like everyone should have a home!
Home is something everyone should have. It makes everyone feel welcomed and safe! All of the homes are different. Some are small, big or medium. Lots of people don’t have homes. They are called the homeless. It’s pretty sad when you think about it.
I love my home. There is a bunch of fun memories. I love having fun with my family. There is a lot of fun in our home! Soon, everybody should have a home!
I’m happy that a lot of people have homes! Home is one of my favorite places to be. It would be AMAZING if everybody had a home! I think that everybody should make a donation so that everyone can have a home! Now that I think about it I’m confident in giving money to the homeless people on the street! Help the homeless by smiling, waving or even say hello! I believe that if everyone donates people will have homes!!!!