Grade 4


my story about HOME!

my story about HOME!
Home is where I live. I love home because I have a big family I have a strong dad and a protective mom. I have 4 sisters counting me but I know that if I need them they will be there for me.
Anyway lets get to the story I want to tell you just to let you know the story is real ok lets start. It was a beautiful day until my mom check the whether she found out that there was a bad storm coming. When my dad got home from his job it started to rain. After a little bit it got really bad so my dad suggested that we should go down to the basement my mom got us sleeping bags and pillows we had to sleep in the basement that night. when we all woke up the storm was gone but olso that night I cold not sleep I only thot that we were going to be poor and homeless but I knew that I was lucky that I had a protective mom and a strong dad and 3 sisters that are there for me and that I love my family no Matter! What. So I think everyone shold have a good famly and a good home to