Grade 4


My Special Home

A home is special because all the love that I get and all of the memories that’s in it.In my home I see my cat hair everywhere.

My home is a warm place for my family and I to live in.It’s warm because of the people that live with you and the love you get.In my home I smell my mom cooking and that smells delicious.

If you have a home you should be grateful and happy because when it’s raining you have a roof to block all they rain from coming on you.In my home I hear my cat running around.

My home is where my family and I live and my home is special because it is where we had my sister’s 16 Birthday and where my cats first home was.

My home is special because my family and I painted a room together and we had a lots of fun.My home is special because when I got my cat my family was happy and my cat got happiness in my home.
Small things can make my home special.My sister and I like to draw things together and play video games together.My home well all ways be special in my heart.