Grade 6

New Brunswick

My Safe Home

Jackson Ryan
Mrs. Piron/LA
November 4, 2016
My Safe Home
The school bell rings at 3:10 and I’m walking to the bus with my head hanging down, however I hear something. “Hurry up the bus is going to leave!” yells my sister, Callie. So I start running to the bus and I sit with her. “I can’t wait to get home.” I said. “Why?” asked Callie “Because I had a bad day and I have loads of projects due.” “Well I can help you with them.” “Thanks Callie I knew I could count on you! ”
Finally it’s our stop, we say thanks to the bus driver and we start walking home swiftly. “Wait we should probably get the mail after all we haven’t in three days.” So we got the mail and finally got home.
First Callie unlocks the door then, I step one foot inside. I smell the good food that we have. I feel relieved. A place where I feel safe and no one is judgmental, or tells me what I can and can’t do. I hustle up the stairs, toss my book bag by our piano, secondly, I rush to my room and I flop myself on my bed.
I think about how I have a house therefore I’m lucky (and my family) because not everybody has a home. A place where you’re safe, where you have shelter. Without a doubt I feel sad for people who don’t have a home and grateful that I have a home. I can’t fall asleep without my parents saying good night, it gives me comfort.
In conclusion, I’m grateful and lucky to have a home. I also love my house and I feel safe. Like a Roman Philosopher known as Pliney the Elder once said “Home is where the heart is.”