Grade 6

New Brunswick

My Peaceful Home

Nessa Quigley
November 4, 2016

My Peaceful Home “Come on your as slow as cold malaise’s on a hot summer day”, my sister Ava says to me as I slowly pace up the hill. I know I know, I say in my head “it’s just my feet hurt from Cross Country”. All what I can think about while I walk a little bit faster is the gigantic boll of leftover chilly waiting for me in the fridge to be warmed up in the hot microwave. “Ouch” I say as I trip over a stump and fall to the ground. “Are you OK?” Ava says to me. I fake cry for a second then start laughing. She says WOW good joke in sarcasm. I got a little scratch on my knee, now I really can’t wait to get home!

When I get home the first thing that I see is my beautiful dog Libby. I kneel down and then she smothers me with her long slobbery wet tong. I get up laughing and walk over to the paper towels. I wipe my wet face covered in slobber, and let Libby outside. When I open the snack cabinet I get my favorite granola bar “chocolate chip”. Then I snuggle down in my cozy chair and do my homework .When my mom and dad walk through the door they ask me “how was your day?” I say fine but I couldn’t wait to get home! It was a really long day, we had a science test. After I brush my teeth, brush my hair, get my PJ’s on, shut the lights off and close my eyes. While I lay in my bed I think, what I would do without a safe, happy, peaceful home or not even a home at all?
Home is a place where you can have fun, where you can be yourself. Home is the only place where you can the only place where you can snuggle down in your cozy warm bed after a long day. It is a place where you can take a nice sizzling hot shower after Volleyball or Soccer to wash the stink away. It is also where there is conflict, where there is craziness, where there is laughter and most of all where there is love. Home is a place that’s filled with memories bad and good. For me home is a place to relax after a long day and just flop on the couch and stroke my dog’s soft and cozy fur. Home is a place to hear your family’s laughter fill the room, in addiction we like to celebrate the sad and happy times, to celebrate Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, that’s what home means to me.

In a matter of fact there are 200 000 Canadians that are homeless in any given year. At least 150 000 Canadians a year us a homeless shelter at some point. People that are homeless now weren’t always homeless throughout their whole lives. They once had a home, but they could have ran of dearest, or family brake ups, or bad accidents, or financial problems, or who knows what. But people around the world are suffering from it so that’s why the Meaning of Home essay is so important, because every essay raises a certain amount of money to help build homes. Everyone around the world that has a home is so fortunate, and I want everyone to know that.

Home is not just a roof over your head or just a place to sleep in. A real HOME is a place where you feel safe, it’s a place to have to have fun, a place where there are memories bad and good. A place to act silly and crazy and to just let it all out and be yourself. To celebrate the sad and happy times. A home is just simply family LOVE. What can you do to help the homeless?